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I saw them standing, where we stud, just minutes ago, laughing about what we saw. Two girls, same age, believing, in what we were believing, that friendship would last forever. Hold that moment, hold it girls. In only a second it could be gone. Believe in whatever it is, that's holding you together. Make strong memories, which are telling you, why you are friends and should always be.
If something goes wrong, you always have to give it another try. That's what I told myself, once and so often. I was often about to give up. But then she came and asked me, "why?" She helped me to stand up again and fight.
Fights usually don't only hurt one, it hurts everyone, who's in it. Always remember that. In many fights I pulled her on the floor with me, and I gave up again. She was on the floor herself, too, she was in need herself. Since then, there was no 'together', there was only 'alone' for me. Though she is not far away, I'm sitting here alone.
I can't go back. Thinking back to the fights, hurts, but I am about to forget many other things, that happend. That is a good reason for me to collect and write, I don't wanna forget, and I won't.
No mather if the memory is good, or not, I want to remember.
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June 29, 2015


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